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The Nectar of Truth A Selection of Buddhist Aphorisms

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The Nectars of Truth, A Selection of Buddhist Aphorisms (อมฤตพจนา) by P.A. Payutto offers a distillation of profound Buddhist wisdom. In this collection of insightful aphorisms, Payutto, a renowned Thai Buddhist monk and scholar, captures the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in a concise and impactful form. These aphorisms cover a wide range of topics, exploring themes of human Beings, self-Training and self-responsibility, the mind, education, wisdom, life and death, diverance from suffering and experience of bliss. Ideal for contemplation and reflection, “The Nectars of Truth” serves as a potent guide for those seeking to understand the core tenets of Buddhism and integrate them into daily life.



Short introduction by Paitoon Songkaeo, 4 February 2024