Connecting People Through Goodwill and Friendship
Thai Studies & Exchange Programs

Thailand Foundation aims to nurture friendships and enhance mutual understanding between the people of Thailand and of the rest of the world. In today’s increasingly borderless world, it is important for people of different backgrounds to be able to connect and understand more of each other. We believe that people-to-people interactions can open doors to new opportunities and synergies among them. Thai Studies and Exchange Programs thus provide the public with a better understanding of Thailand and provide inter-exchange activities between Thais and people around the world. These projects are, for example:


  • Expatriate Orientation Program (EOP)


  • Scholarships for foreign students and research fellowship for international researchers


  • Familiarization visits to Thailand


  • Dispatching of volunteers to offer support in other countries




Due to the current pandemics, most of the activities under this category are suspended until the situation permits.