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Expatriate Orientation Program

More and more people come from all over the world to work and live in Thailand in various capacities, including diplomats, teachers, NGO officers, reporters, and more. To help expats get a quick start in working and living in Thailand, the Thailand Foundation offers the Expatriate Orientation Program (EOP) twice a year.

The EOP offers a two-day comprehensive learning experience designed for foreigners to understand Thailand, Thai people, and Thainess. The sessions in the EOP will cover an overview of Thai values, Thai culture, history, economy, as well as lifestyle in Thailand.


What Will You Get?

Ways to Decode Thai Culture

Cultural differences can hinder a full experience of Thailand. Our course will help you see through the complexities of Thai society and give fresh realizations about local ways of life.

Connect Better with Thai People

Being friends with locals can complete your expat experiences. We will show you tips on ways to break the ice and deepen your friendship with Thais.

Fresh Perspective of Thailand

How did Thailand come to be, and where is it heading? Attendees will see how history shapes the country’s character, international stance, and ambitions for the future.


About the Sessions

The sessions are conducted by prominent speakers from different fields. Examples of the sessions that have been offered through the program include:

  • How to make your stay in Thailand a successful and enjoyable one
  • Access Thailand’s regions like the locals
  • Decoding Bangkok
  • Thailand in the global value chain
  • Thailand in historical perspective
  • How to make friends with Thai people


How to Apply?

Thailand Foundation will announce the timing of new EOP programs through our website and social media platforms. Announcements will also be distributed to Embassies, International Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Foreign Correspondents Club etc. For more information, please contact [email protected]


Quotes from Past Attendees


H.E. Mr. David Daly (Ambassador of the European Union to Thailand)

“I was greatly impressed by the variety of sessions we had ranging from lectures to vibrant visual and musical media. It was all very stimulating and informative. I felt that I learned many small yet important things about Thailand, which I otherwise might not have discovered until much later in my posting, if at all.”


H.E. Mr. Patrick Bourne (Ambassador of Ireland to Thailand)

“My wife, Sonali, and I, found EOP2 to be extremely useful and thoroughly enjoyable.  We learned so much about Thailand and Thainess, and we made a lot of new friends.”


Mrs. Pragjna Singh (Spouse of the Indian Ambassador to Thailand)

“The Expatriate Orientation Program was insightful and useful for members of the diplomatic corps as well as for the expatriates. The speakers captured our interest by sharing their personal experiences of living in Thailand. Armed with the knowledge of ‘Thainess’ and Thai people, I am excited about exploring and learning more about Thailand, with all its beauty and splendor.”


Nudi Manundawi (Hosting Manager, AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand)

“The EOP offered a variety and unique stories of  Thai people and “Thainess” that you may not find anywhere else, thanks to the Thai Foundation who created such a wonderful program and contributed a mutual understanding with respect and pride.”