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The Fourth Expatriate Orientation Program (EOP 4)


On 3 – 4 April 2024, the Thailand Foundation hosted the Fourth Expatriate Orientation Program (EOP 4) to serve a quick manual for foreign diplomats and expats living in Thailand to ensure their success and happiness during their stay.


More than 70 attendees including ambassadors and spouses, diplomats as well as representatives from private sectors joined us for the exclusive sessions.  Sessions include  (1) Prism of Thainess: Approaching Thai Society from the Perspective of Thai Values; (2) Thailand in a Historical Perspective; (3) Thai Economy; Thriving in Global Uncertainties; (4) Thai Economy: What’s in it for You?; (5) Discover the Four Regions of Thailand by Rails; (6) Finding Your Lifestyles in Thailand; (7) Bangkok that You Might Not Know; (8) Appreciating Arts Around You in Thailand.


Big gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for providing us with the venue and all of our speakers who dedicated their time to provide us essential overviews of Thailand in many perspectives. Importantly, thank you to everyone who joined us to make the event joyful and memorable.  


The next Expatriate Orientation Program is planned to be hosted in the second half of 2024. Please stay tuned for updates.