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Thai Language Courses

Thailand Foundation is developing brand new online Thai language courses for foreigners, which initially will be available in English and, later this year, in Burmese, Laotian, and Khmer. We are also expecting a Vietnamese version in 2022 as well.


There is no need to look elsewhere for reading materials and exercises. To ensure accessibility for our passionate students, everything mentioned will be provided via our website throughout the entire courses, and they are free of charge.


In terms of our future plans, we are preparing a number of ambitious projects that would help enhance knowledge of Thai, such as more advanced Thai language programs. So please stay tuned!



Why learn Thai?

These online Thai courses have much more benefits than mere communication skills. Since Thailand is globally renowned for its tourist wonders, these remote lessons will maximize your travel experiences from the depths of Phang Nga Bay to the top of Doi Suthep. Besides, Thai language will not only deepen your appreciation of Thai literature, music, as well as popular television dramas. It also is the key to understanding Thai people, their history, and their way of life. Ultimately, as the Thai economy has been experiencing improvement in business indicators with continuously increasing regional and international logistical connectivity, learning to speak Thai will provide you with more opportunities to study and work in the Hub of Southeast Asia, or in any Thai companies around such a borderless world.


What will you get from our courses?

  • Basic spoken Thai
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Tones and basic grammar
  • Handouts for further self-studies