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Old Thai Proverbs and Idiomatic Expressions

Photo credit: somchai chantajaru


The Thai language is rich in proverbs and idioms. These sayings are not mere expressions, but teachings preserved through oral tradition. Proverbs and idioms serve to instill social values within Thai people, values such as humility, compassion, respect, and carefulness. Understanding old Thai proverbs and idioms can help us understand Thai history as well as the mindset of ancient Thai people, some of which are passed down to the present day. While some of these sayings may not apply in modern setting, some are still used by Thai people today, and may offer some useful wisdom for one’s life.


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“On Siamese Proverbs and Idiomatic Expressions”

Author: Colonel G.E. Gerini


* This article was published in the Journal of Siam Society and is being shared on the Thailand Foundation Website with permission from The Siam Society.