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Thai Images of the Buddha

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In the realm of Thai art, perhaps the Buddha image is one of the most recognizable icons. When traveling through Thailand, it is hard to miss the sight of Buddha images, whether in temples, homes, or towering over the horizon. Even abroad, Thai style Buddha images have gained popularity due to their iconic aesthetics. Thai Buddha images come in different sizes, styles, and expressions. They are beautiful to behold and hold values that are much more than meet the eyes. 


Thailand Foundation invites you to explore the world of Thai Buddha images through this informative and beautifully designed book published by the Fine Arts Department. Through this exploration, you will learn much about the spiritual values,  history, artistic finesse, and traditions of the Thai people which are imbedded in these revered images.


Written by: Luang Boribal Bhuribhand and A.B. Griswold

Published by: The Fine Arts Department 



The Thailand Foundation has been granted permission by the Fine Arts Department to disseminate this book through our channels.

All rights reserved  to the Fine Arts Depart.