Connecting People Through Goodwill and Friendship

Heidelberg University’s Exchange Program at Buriram Technical College

On 1-2 August 2022, Thailand Foundation welcomed German exchange students of the “IAAW Buriram_Project@HU-Berlin.” During the meeting, both parties exchanged ideas about Thai culture, Thai society, and intercultural understanding, together with a discussion regarding further partnership with Thailand Foundation.



IAAW Buriram_Project@HU-Berlin was established by the partnership between Buriram Technical College and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin for 8 years. Naree Inram and Benjamin Baumann have organized a six-week internship in Buriram, Thailand. The exchange students will conduct their anthropological research, and in the meantime assist Thai teachers in teaching English classes at Buriram Technical College. 

Under the IAAW Buriram_Project@HU-Berlin, students will have opportunities to learn to understand Thai society, appreciate Thai culture, and further their intercultural communication skills.