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Characteristics of Buddhism ลักษณะแห่งพระพุทธศาสนา

Characteristics of Buddhism (ลักษณะแห่งพระพุทธศาสนา),’ Payutto delves into the distinctive traits that set Buddhism apart from other religious and philosophical systems. He outlines fifteen essential characteristics that delineate the Buddhist path, such as moderation in teaching and practice, the universality of Buddhist principles, and the emphasis on both substance and form. Payutto argues that these characteristics represent commendable qualities. Nevertheless, he cautions against becoming complacent merely by possessing Buddhism with its admirable traits. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of actively practicing the teachings. Without practical application, he contends, there can be no real benefit derived. Merely resting on the laurels of Buddhism’s perceived goodness without embodying its principles in action yields no tangible benefits for individuals’ lives.



Short introduction by Paitoon Songkaeo, 4 February 2024