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About Panyaprateep Foundation

Panyaprateep Foundation, as a non-profit organization, has been set up by the founders, administrators, teachers, and friends of the Thawsi School community since early 2008. It is officially registered by the Ministry of Interior with Registration Number of Kor Thor 1405 since 1st April 2008. Panyaprateep Foundation will be tasked to help with fund-raising activities and has helped set up Panyaprateep Boarding School since the academic year starting in May 2009.


Objectives of Panyaprateep Foundation
1. To support the development of Buddhist education based on the Buddhist principle of the Three Fold Training of conduct, emotional intelligence, and wisdom (sīla samādhi and paññā).
2. To propagate Buddhist wisdom and developmental principles through the organization of retreat programs, training workshops, and through the dissemination of Dhamma media such as books and digital media.
3. To create an understanding of humanity’s relationship to the natural world, to promote eco-friendly learning activities, and renewable energy for sustainable development, and a way of life based on His Majesty the King’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.


Organizational Structure of Panyaprateep Foundation
The Chief Spiritual Advisor of the Foundation is Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro, a monk disciple of Ajahn Chah of the Thai Forest Tradition, and a leading figure in the Buddhist education movement. The Foundation is also honoured to have Assoc. Prof. Prida Tasanapradit, M.D. as Chairman of the Executive Committee. Furthermore, the Foundation has sought and received the kind blessing and pledges of support from a number of distinguished experts in diverse fields to help as advisors.