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Buddhadhamma: The Law of Natures and Their Benefits to Life

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Buddhadhamma, authored by P. A. Payutto, revered as the preeminent Thai scholar of Buddhism, stands as a monumental achievement, widely hailed as the most significant Buddhist academic work of the twentieth century in Thailand. It argues that amidst the diverse Buddhist teachings on conduct and relationships, there exists a unifying thread of core principles emphasizing harmony with the natural world and its laws. Whether through guidance from enlightened individuals or personal understanding and practice of this natural truth, individuals can attain desired outcomes. Expanding upon this foundation, the Buddha offered practical teachings to facilitate effective engagement with the world, yielding positive results. These theoretical and practical teachings coalesce into a cohesive whole, mirroring the natural order. The Buddha advocated for personal discovery of this truth rather than coercion, fostering self-reliance and eventual liberation from external guidance. This book endeavors to elucidate both the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of the Buddha’s teachings, offering a comprehensive insight into his systematic approach.



Short introduction by Paitoon Songkaeo, 4 February 2024