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An Appreciation of Sukhothai Art

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The Sukhothai Kingdom was an ancient state considered by many to be the first kingdom of the Thai people. Consequently, many legacies from the Sukhothai period have influenced that culture to this day. One of the most recognizable and influential facets of Sukhothai culture is its artform. The kingdom produced beautiful architectures, detailed murals, and, most notable, stunning Buddha images. Sukhothai Buddha iconography is renowned for its gracefulness and refined aesthetic. 


Understanding the art of the Sukhothai Kingdom can help you understand Thailand’s artistic heritage. You will also gain insights on the spiritual values and artistic skills of the Thai people. Thailand Foundation invites you to explore the world of Thai Buddha images through this informative and beautifully designed book written by Professor Silpa Bhirasri, the Father of Thai Modern Arts, and published by the Fine Arts Department. 


Written by: Professor Silpa Bhirasri

Published by: The Fine Arts Department 



The Thailand Foundation has been granted permission by the Fine Arts Department to disseminate this book through our channels.

All rights reserved  to the Fine Arts Depart.