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Songkran Tradition

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Songkran or “Thai New Year” is one of Thailand’s largest and most well-known festivals. Sometimes called the “Water Festival,” this festival is celebrated through grand water fights that breakout in all corners of the country. In the heat of the Thai summer, this sight brings great joy to both Thais and visitors alike. In 2023, UNESCO included “Songkran in Thailand, traditional Thai New Year festival” to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 


Aside from being a great occasion of celebration, Songkran also marks a time for new-beginnings, reflection, and purification. It is a time for people to express gratitude to those around them, look back on the departed year, cleanse off negativity, and welcome the approaching year through good deeds. Water and religious ceremonies play important roles throughout the activities of Songkran, reflecting the spirituality and values of the Thai people. 


Thailand Foundation invites you to explore the story of Songkran through this book published by the  Department of Cultural Promotion. 


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