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Thai Wood Carvings

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Wood is one of mankind’s most common material. Wood can be fashioned into tools, architectural elements, and artworks. Across the globe, different culture developed their own tradition of woodworking, reflecting their character and way of life. 


Thai wood carvings consist of different tools, architectural features, art pieces, and other items fashioned from carved wood. They tell a story of the Thai people from the past to the present, revealing elements of religious reverence, lifestyle, local wisdoms, and more. Their beauty is testament to the artistic skills and finesse of the Thai people. 


Thailand Foundation invites you to explore the world of Thai wood carving through this classic book written by Professor Silpa Bhirasri (Corrado Feroci), the Father of Thai Modern Art. 


Written by: Professor Silpa Bhirasri

Published by: The Fine Arts Department 



The Thailand Foundation has been granted permission by the Fine Arts Department to disseminate this book through our channels.

All rights reserved  to the Fine Arts Depart.