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Traditional Thai Painting

cr. Matichon


Thai painting are renowned for its graceful beauty. Today, this art form can be found in many places ranging from temples and palaces to homes and artistic workshops. But to truly appreciate Thai painting, one must first understand its historical context and artistic elements, such as line, composition, color, and technique.


This article will take you on an overview of Thai painting, helping you to understand the detailed finesse of the Thai artistic tradition. The author, Professor Corrado Feroci (known in Thai as Silpa Bhirasri) is a renowned Italian0born sculptor who became the father of Thai modern arts. Among many of his great accomplishments was his role in the establishment of Silpakorn University, one of Thailand’s top-ranking higher education institute for Fine Arts


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Authors: Corrado Feroci


* This article was published in the Journal of Siam Society and is being shared on the Thailand Foundation Website with permission from The Siam Society.

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